Become a Certified Spiritual Guide& Healer

Become a Certified Spiritual Guide& Healer

Career in Spirituality today offers not only money and fame but also a deep sense of satisfaction of being able to bring positive transformation, joy, happiness and bliss in lives of others. In order to enable you perform this grand noble role, we offer following training programs. These programs have been developed by Swami Aaron after a very long comprehensive fundamental research in different aspects of life and spirituality.


After completing these courses successfully, you can work with us as a trainer in different branches of our organization across the globe; or in your own organization either under the aegis of Ultimate Bliss Foundation or with your own brand name and style. You can conduct various life transformation workshops either independently or on behalf of us.


We will train you in following areas:

  • Transform Mind in Eternal Bliss
  • Spiritual Healing
  • CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy)
  • Reverse Aging: Prolong Your Life Span
  • Creating Bliss & Excellence in Marital Relationship
  • Premarital Training for Blissful Marital Life Forever
  • Cosmic Psychology: Science of Consciousness & Bliss
  • Ultimate Soteriology: The Science of Liberation
  • Essence of Buddhism
  • Essence of Vedanta
  • Essence of Sufism
  • Drinking Ambrosia of Eternity through Science of Lord Shiva


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  • Transforming Mind in Bliss
  • Esoteric Sexual Bliss
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  • Beyond the Beyond
  • Journey of Speaking Silence
  • Ultimate Ecstasy
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
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  • Spiritual Soteriology
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