Journey to Infinite!

Journey to Infinite

For most of us, life means duration between the birth and death of our physical body; but the fact is this duration is an opportunity to explore and realize our actual life which is eternal and infinite. Due to lack of knowledge, ignorance and lower level of consciousness, we are not able to realize our actual life and the whole existence.


When we say “I” or “We”, it means an aggregates of physical body, Energy Body and Mind consisting of consciousness, feelings, conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, memories, mental factors like greed, anger, love, passion, desires, fear, hatred etc. and all these aggregates are changeable and keep changing every moment.


Due to ignorance, we identify ourselves with above mentioned constituents and we are not aware of the portal where these constituents arise, sustain and disappear. We are basically that portal whose hallmark is eternity and infinity.


Through our program called “Journey to Eternity and Infinity”, anyone can realize the actual grandeur of eternal and infinite life if one is ready to endeavor put proper efforts in a proper and sustained way.



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