Pre-marital Training for Blissful Conjugal Life Forever

Pre-marital Training for Blissful Conjugal Life Forever

Marriage is the most important part of life as it affects both the rich and the poor equally. Soulful marital relationship can make life very happy; while dysfunctional marriage can turn life in a total chaos and a hell.

Unfortunately, marriage has been a blind jump in a dark well for most of people. Most of people when they look for match for their children, they look at only three aspects i.e. Physical Look, Educational, Financial and Family Background and Behavior and Character; though they don’t have any professional approach to judge their behavior and character.

There are already so many couples who are excellent in all these above mentioned parameters but then also they got divorced because of incompatibility between them at other levels of life.



  1. Through our various psychological tools and techniques, we examine the mental constitution of person planning to get married to each other and make assessment about their compatibility at all six levels of life i.e. Physical or Material Level, Mundane Thought Level, Emotion Level, Intellect Level, Creativity Level and Spiritual Level. 
  2. Compatibility at all these six levels is must for totally blissful conjugal life forever.
  3. If there is lesser or no compatibility between a couple planning to get married with each other, in that case we give proper training to them and help them in developing greater compatibility between them, so that they can enjoy the bliss of married life forever throughout their life.
  4. We firstly train all marriage aspirants in Relationship Psychology and Scientific Spirituality so that their consciousness and mindfulness level should be very high and they should be bonded with each other at soul level to become One.


Our spiritual training has nothing to do with any religion as we don’t preach any religion. We simply teach the Science of Consciousness and Bliss.

If you are planning for your marriage or marriage of your child, then you are strongly advised to get the compatibility assessment done and to have training also if there is any compatibility issue.


  1. Online Courses
  2. Live Online Individual Sessions
  3. Non-residential Workshops
  4. Residential Retreats

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