Proposal for Corporate Training Programs

Proposal for Corporate Training Programs

Our organization Ultimate Bliss Foundation is a non-sectarian new age spiritual organization working for the propagation of Scientific Spirituality.

We conduct various Life Empowerment Programs, Corporate Workshops, Residential Retreats and Individual Sessions to train CEOs, Professionals, and Students etc. for how to enhance their productivity, career prospects, quality of life and their inter-personal behavior and relationship.


  1. Transform Mind in Bliss
  2. De-addiction through Higher Consciousness
  3. Reversing Diabetes through Alternative Treatment
  4. Esoteric Sexual Bliss: A Program for Powerful Sexual Health & Beyond
  5. Creating Bliss & Excellence in Marital Relationship
  6. Premarital Training for Blissful Marital Life Forever


If you wish to get your human resources trained in the above mentioned programs, please contact us through the enquiry form given below.

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