Proposals for Film & Theatre Professionals

Proposals for Film & Theatre Professionals

In our organization there is a wing called ULTIMATE BLISS FILM & THEATRE SOCIETY entrusted with the task of conceptualizing, producing, marketing and showcasing thought provoking documentary and feature films Plays etc. on different socially and spiritually relevant themes in order to create awareness in the society.

We invite all films and theatre related professionals and aspirants like Actors, Assistant Directors, Directors, Sets Designers, Light Designers, Make-up artiste, Costume Designers, Co-coordinators, Script Writers, translators etc. to be part of our Film & Theatre Society.

We also invite other script writers and novelists if they have some good stories to be translated in plays. We will organize those plays under our aegis if that suit our themes.

Presently we have planned to organize three plays based on Swami Aaron’s novels:

  • Ultimate Ecstasy
  • In Love with All Beautiful Women
  • In Love with Linda

These plays will be organized in India as well as abroad.

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