Bhawna Madan

After my divorce I was in horrible depression. I was searching for doctors in my nearby area on internet and came across website UltimateBliss.in. The name it-self stroked me and I scrolled through the website and finally I contacted Swami Aaron telephonically. He agreed to give me treatment. I had regular sessions with him for near-about four to five months. Today, I am not only free from depression, rather I am very blissful just because of Swami ji’s teaching to me on consciousness. Now, I am more mindful and really happy from inside. He mentally prepared me for my marriage through his psychological and spiritual training and today I am living a happily married life. I will be always grateful to Swami Ji for my whole life.

Anjali Yaduvanshi

I have been facing the problems of severe pain in different parts of my body since I was of 17 years. I had consulted to so many doctors, but all proved futile.Then I don’t know how I got in contact with Dr. Aaron Thomas. When I met him, then I came to know that I had the problem of Fibromyalgia. I started taking alternative treatments from him for near about 6 to 7 months and now I am almost free from all those pain.

Somnath Singh

After collapse of my business, I went in deep depression. One day I saw and advertisement of Swami Ji on Facebook and contacted him. He gave me treatment and moreover he taught me the Science of Spiritual Healing. I am not only free from all tension, depression etc., rather I myself have become a pranic healer just because of the Swami Ji’s training.